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Adele, Ferrell Making Beer News

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While perusing the headlines of the beer world today I came across a couple of interesting tidbits regarding celebrities and our favorite beverage. One of the stories displays the inflated ego that some stars acquire after making it big while the other shows that even the biggest of stars can sometimes surprise us.

British soul singer Adele, whose North American tour was cancelled due to her recent surgery, had some interesting demands on a part of her contract known as the “Rider.” Riders list things that performers want backstage or in their dressing rooms. Some of the more outrageous requests include a bowl of M&M’s with all the brown ones removed for Van Halen and white flowers, white furniture, white curtains, and Cuban food for Jennifer Lopez.

Adele’s Rider, discovered by website The Smoking Gun, demands two bottles of the “very best red wine” a pack of Marlboro Lights and a disposable lighter. It goes on the mandate a plate of sandwiches – including chicken salad – but they were not to contain “tomatoes, vinegar, chili or citrus fruit.” But, perhaps the most egregious directive was that the singer required 12 bottles of “best quality European lager beer. ie Becks, Stella Artois, Peroni etc.” And if promotion staff had any confusion about her brew needs, Adele adds, “North American beer is NOT acceptable.”

Apparently Adele has not gotten the word that some of the best craft beers in the world are produced right here in the United States. And form the looks of her Rider, she may never know.

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In a move that has many people in the advertising world scratching their heads, A-list comedian and movie star Will Ferrell approached Pabst Brewing Company with a request to produce several TV spots starring him for their Old Milwaukee brand beer. If that wasn’t odd enough, he wants the spots to appear in the Davenport, Iowa market only and he did them for free!

Speculation is that the actor is using the spots as part of a viral marketing campaign for some as yet unknown movie. But, no one really knows for sure. What is sure is that the spots are hilarious and Ferrell is still on top of his comedic game. Check out several of the videos below.


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