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SweetWater vs. Sam Adams Super Bowl match-up

superbowlWith the Super Bowl just a few days away, the smack is running fast and hard. The New England Patriots will battle the Atlanta Falcons for the ultimate title of Super Bowl LI Champions. But, there is another rivalry brewing between Atlanta’s SweetWater Brewing Company and Boston’s Samuel Adams brewing. 

It began last week when Browns Bridge Exxon Station in Gainesville, a suburb of Atlanta, posted a sign on their beer cooler informing buyers, “We will not be selling any Sam Adams beer until after the Super Bowl!”

The statement was followed by the hashtag #riseup.

To spread the word even further, store manager Viral Chhadua, posted to the store’s Facebook page that they would be promoting local, Atlanta brewery SweetWater.

“We’re promoting your ATLANTA based beer instead,” Chhadua wrote. “So if you guys want to send us to the Super Bowl we wouldn’t hate ya for it.”

The gas station’s ban of Sam Adams went quickly went viral and sparked a good-natured Twitter war between the two breweries. In the end, a wager was struck with the loser agreeing to rename one of their beers to honor the winning team.



According to a report on WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta, Chhadua says the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s been positive from the Falcons’ fans and of course not so friendly from the Boston fans, but they’ve been good sports. They’re laughing at it and enjoying the banter,” he said.

Jim Koch, the CEO and founder of Boston Beer Company, also known as Samuel Adams Brewing Company, took the ribbing in stride.

“We know what it’s like to be superfans of your hometown football team, so there’s no hard feelings,” Koch told the Boston Globe. “This isn’t the first time we’ve been banned before the big game (ahem, four rings), and we hope it won’t be the last. We’ll be toasting our hometown team with Sam Adams alongside New England fans everywhere.”

Who will come out on top and win bragging — and beer naming — rights? Only time will tell. One thing is certain, fans on both sides of the game can look forward to a good game and more smack talk tweets in the next few days and during the game.

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European Street to give away servings of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA for free

Every once in a while a brew attains legendary status. Beers such as Westvleteren 12, Three Floyds Dark Lord, and Russian River Pliney the Younger are all legends in their own rights. These beers take the art of brewing to unimaginable heights and, when they make their rare appearances, send beer aficionados into absolute spasms of joy.

So, when I received a private Tweet yesterday from my friend, and the owner of the European Street restaurants locally, that he had a special beer tasting coming up on November 13 my ears perked up. Especially since he said he is going to give the brew away free to 65 lucky ticket-holders.  This, my friends, is big.

What beer will be tapped and served to those lucky few on that Tuesday night in November? None other than the devilishly hard to find Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. But that is not the end of the story. Not only will European Street on Park be pouring tis legendary brew, they will be pouring it through a Randall full of hops!

Perhaps a bit of back story is needed here. Dogfish Head founder Sam Calgione, set out to create the world’s hoppiest beer and succeeded with 120 Minute IPA.  The brew is boiled for two full hours while being continuously hopped to bring out the bitterness and then dry-hopped daily for a month. Finally, the brew is aged for another month on whole-leaf hops to provide a staggering 120 IBUs. The additional step of running the beer through a Randall (essentially a device that allows the finished beer to run through even more hops) will amp the IBUs up even more to unknown levels. By comparison, the popular macro lagers or the world clock in at about 7 IBUs.

This is a tasting you do not want to miss.

In order to learn more about how you can get one of the 65 available tickets, simply log in to Twitter and follow European Street’s feed at @estreetcafe. More information will be released – a little bit at a time – over the next few weeks.

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Lost Abbey Brewing announces ‘Lost Abbey’ game for GABF

If you are going to the Great American Beer Festival next week and enjoy Lost Abbey beers, you may find the activity they have dreamed up interesting and fun. The activity will help you explore the burgeoning Denver craft beer scene while possibly earning Lost Abbey beer, wearables, or even a coveted Ultimate Box Set collection of their beer.

The company is billing the game as a live version of “Where’s Waldo.” The story line is that Abbot (called Abbey) has set off to Denver ahead of the GABF, but has a terrible sense of direction. The Lost Abbey beers want to find Abbey before something goes terribly awry. That is where you come in; it is up to you to follow the trail of clues Abbey leaves behind and locate the wayward Monk.

Through notes on both Twitter and Foursquare, participants will need to follow in Abbey’s footsteps and visit each location he does (there are a total of seven). Along the way to finding Abbey, you will have the opportunity to win a number of prizes but, it is the first to find Abbey on Saturday, October 13 that will the Grand Prize.

Full details on how to play the game are located here:

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Free Beer from Bold City, All You Have to do is Find Them

It is sure to be a “Whale of a Summer” for Bold City Brewery lovers as they launch their summer tour and give away plenty of free pints, pint glasses, and T-shirts. In an article on the Amber Waves beer blog of the Florida Times-Union, Ed Stansel advises followers to keep an eye on Twitter for stops on the tour today through Thursday, June 7.

According to the article, “On Tuesday, they’ll be hitting businesses in Riverside and Deerwood. Wednesday, you’ll find them in Fernandina Beach. And Thursday, they’ll be visiting Orange Park, Ortega, Riverside and Murray Hill.”

The gang from Bold City will Tweet their location approximately 10 minutes prior to arrival on Twitter and will stay at each location for 45 minutes. Ten lucky customers at each location will receive Killer Whale pint glasses or T-shirts. In addition, the brewery crew will buy pints of Killer Whale for patrons at each stop.

Killer Whale Cream Ale is one of the breweries most popular brews and has been a mainstay in their tap room nearly from its opening. Cream ales were originally brewed to compete with lagers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast portions of the United States. They are generally light in color, low in hop bitterness and maltiness; they are generally crisp and smooth on the palate. Killer Whale falls squarely into these characteristics and is a satisfying brew perfect for hot, humid Florida afternoons.

Follow Bold City Brewery on Twitter at: @boldcitybrewery.


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We Are Now on Twitter

For all you Twitterers out there you can now checkout the Springfield Brew Crew on Twitter.

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