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Terrapin brewing a beer based on The Walking Dead television program

walkingdeadThe news came out last week; fans of Terrapin Beer Company and of the AMC television program The Walking Dead have something to collectively cheer about. The two have teamed up to create a companion beer to the program. The Walking Dead Red India Pale Ale will be brewed appropriately enough with blood orange peel.

Astute fans of both the show and the beer may recall that several years ago, cases of Terrapin beer made a cameo on the program. In a horrifying scene, zombies – or Walkers as they are known on the show – fell through holes in the roof of a storage room on to cases of the beer. Oh the humanity!

Perhaps prophetically, during an interview with Spike Buckowski and John Cochran in 2013, I broached the subject of brewing a beer for The Walking Dead ( As fans know, the show took place in and around Atlanta, Ga. during the first few seasons. Indeed, it is still filmed outside of the Atlanta area. Spike, a fan of the show, expressed that he would welcome the opportunity to brew a beer themed to the show.

Release dates and availability details are not yet available, but once it hits the shelves it is sure to be a popular addition to Sunday night zombie watching.



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Terrapin puts a coffee house spin on Moo-hoo Chocolate Milk Stout

Terrapin-Moo-HooChiatoWhen Athens, Ga. brewery Terrapin Beer Company first conceived of Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout they knew they had a winner on their hands. Since its first appearance, the highly-sought beer has had several variants includning an elusive, but supremely rewarding white chocolate version. This year, Spike Buchowski, brewer and co-owner of the brewery, has concocted yet another variation of this distinctive brew: Moo-hooChiato.

The beer, brewed with Sinclair & Olive cocoa nibs and Jittery Joe’s roasted Espresso coffee beans, evokes the flavors of a macchiato at your favorite coffee shop. The company’s website describes it:

“Like your favorite cup of Café Mocha, Moo-HooChiato “Chocolate Espresso Milk Stout “ puts you in the right state of mind. Take in the aroma of expertly roasted espresso from Jittery Joe’s and let your taste buds melt into the flavor of Olive and Sinclair’s award winning chocolate. Brewed with lactose sugar for a creamy mouth feel and a touch of sweetness, this is a Barista’s wish come true.”

Included in the bill for this tasty seasonal treat is:

  • 2-Row Pale
  • Flaked Oat
  • Crystal 85
  • Chocolate
  • DH Carafa III
  • Roasted Barley

Beer blog Beer Street Journal put together the video below featuring Buchowski talking about the brew.

Terrapin Releases Moo-HooChiato into Special Reserve Series from on Vimeo.

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Craft vs. Crafty? A word from a craft brewer

Last week I posted an article here to my blog about the Brewers Association and how they are calling out the mega beer producers. Here is an article from John Cochran, one of the owners of Terrapin Brewing with some thoughts you should consider as well. The whole “faux craft” angle is certainly frought with much confusion. But, as John says, the decision is ultimately in the beer-drinkers’ hands.

Craft vs. Crafty?.

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Terrapin releases collaboration with Swiss BFM

Sitting around a table at Kickback’s in the King Street Beer District talking about beer is not an unusual occurrence for me. I can often be found prowling the establishments along that storied street from Lola’s to Bold City Brewing, looking for good beer and great conversation. But, last Friday, Oct. 26, it was the guests at the table and the reason for the gathering that made all the difference.

Surrounded by several beer bloggers, John Cochran and Brian “Spike” Buckowski, owners of Terrapin Beer Co., spoke about their newest release; Jérôme and Spike’s 2011 Barley Ryne. The brew, a collaboration with Swiss brewery BFM, is a hearty barleywine made with about 20% rye malt. The gathering was put together by Team Hopheads to introduce the new brew to the Jacksonville market.

John and Spike met as brewers at an Atlanta microbrewery and quickly began to piece together a plan for a new brewery in Athens, Ga. Terrapin had humble beginnings as a contract brewer, but in 2002 released the first beer of their own. That beer, Terrapin Rye Pale Ale went on to win a gold medal at that year’s Great American Beer Festival in Colo. Since then the brewery has won many medals at beer competitions world-wide. Along with the accolades, the brewery has grown from producing just 162 barrels of beer in 2002 to an expected 24,000 in 2012.

The inspiration of Jérôme and Spike’s came from a chance meeting of Jérôme Rebetez, brewer at Swiss brewery Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM). Jérôme was in Athens visiting and decided to tour the Terrapin brewery. He and Spike quickly became friends and started talking about doing a collaboration brew. A style and recipe was hammered out through email and the result was Jérôme and Spike’s 2011 Barley Ryne.

The brew is unique in that it was brewed at both breweries using the same ingredients except for one; the yeast.  Each brewery used their own strains and the brews came out very different. The U.S. version is a smooth, rich, and warm brew that was aged in American oak bourbon barrels for 11 months. It has enticing notes of dark fruits, oak, and alcohol on the nose that carry through to the flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla. The Swiss version tracks closer to a Flanders sour than a barleywine with aromas of red wine, brown sugar, and rum. The flavor reveals a complex brew that hints of caramel and toffee among tart cherries and grapes.

For those interested in the particulars of the brew, it was made with the following ingredients:

Malt: 2-Row, Rye, Munich, Carapils, CaraAroma, Caramunich III, Melanoidin

Hops: Bravo, Columbus, U.S. Golding, Amarillo

And, of course, each brewery’s yeast.

The finished product weighs in at 10.03% ABV.

Look for Jérôme and Spike’s 2011 Barley Ryne at your local beer seller now. But, hurry as it is in very limited supply.

Keep up to date on all the beer happenings and news going on in town at the ALL NEW

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Terrapin Invades Mellow Mushroom Tinseltown Today

In some circles the term 420 refers to anything that is connected to marijuana. So, in typical stoner style, April 20 has become 420 or “Weed” Day. But, not everyone has adopted the day as a celebration of everything ganja, some have simply taken the name and applied it to a day for being mellow, having fun, and relaxing with good friends, good music, and good beer.

Such is the case with the Mellow Mushroom at Tinseltown, this afternoon beginning at 4:00 pm and continuing until 8:00 pm, the gang from Terrapin Beer Company of Athens, GA will be taking over the bar area with multiple taps of their delicious brews and several surprises. One such surprise is that the brewery’s mellow classic, Wake n Bake Coffee Oatmeal Stout, will be served through a Randal of coffee beans to give it an extra caffeine and coffee kick.

Wake n Bake is described as “an amazingly thick and enjoyable beer with a hint of sweetness,” by one aficionado on Most drinkers will find that this thick, black as midnight brew, emanates a heady coffee aroma with notes of cocoa and vanilla. A sip of this thick brew will reveal the coffee and sweet cocoa upfront with deeply roasted malts and slight alcohol and oats notes. It’s like biting into a freshly-baked oatmeal cookie that has been soaked in coffee for a few minutes.

Terrapin Beer Company began in Atlanta, GA when two brewers met while working together at another microbrewery. Spike and John became fast friends and began to craft an idea for a new brewery that turned the brewing world on its ear while still maintaining a lifestyle befitting a brewery committed to supporting local music, the environment, and living life to the fullest. Athens seemed the perfect home to their company and the boys set up shop in 2002.

That same year, Spike and John entered their very first brew, Rye Pale Ale in the Great American Beer Festival’s American Pale Ale competition and brought home the gold medal. At only six months old Terrapin had made an indelible mark on the craft beer world and set their reputation in place as a brewery to be reckoned with.

The gang from Terrapin has visited Jacksonville before and experience promises that spending an evening with these guys is full of stories, jokes, and awesome beer. You will not regret spending some time with these guys tonight at the Mellow Mushroom Tinseltown, nor will you regret quaffing a few of their exceptional brews.


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