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South Florida to host Sprung! beer festival in March

sprungMiami, Fla. has a cool vibe that is fueled by images of pastel colors, extravagant night life, and beautiful people. One can imagine those hard-bodied South Beachers sipping Mojitos and other tropical Rum drinks as they work the clubs and strut their stuff. Somehow, craft beer seems far from the glitter and glitz of the Miami we have all been shown on shows like CSI: Miami and Miami Vice. But, Tony Albelo wants to change all that.

Several years ago, Albelo came to a realization that there are craft beer fans in the Miami area that would probably enjoy a festival in their city. So, he came up with a concept for a beer festival that included a well-rounded slate of events as well as over 110 tasty craft beers. He dubbed his event Grovetoberfest as a nod to the festival being held near the traditional time of Oktoberfest and its location at Coconut Grove. Prior to Albelo’s event, beer lovers had to drive to Jupiter, Fla. to find a craft beer festival.

Grovetoberfest was a success, attracting 6,500 thirsty fans to the festival. The event was so popular it let Albelo to begin thinking about a spring event. He wanted to use the same successful formula he had used with Grovetoberfest; good food, fun games, live music, and lots of great craft beer. He decided on calling the event Sprung! and to hold it at the same venue as Grovetoberfest this coming March 9th.

“The atmosphere at Sprung! is meant to be fun and spirited. There’s no event like it in the area, and much like Grovetoberfest, Sprung! will become a staple of the South Florida scene,” Albelo said in a press release about the event. Because the event is taking place in the spring, the focus will be on spring and summer craft beers. Attendees will be able to sample over 150 brews from the likes of Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn Brewery, Kona, Magic Hat, Shiner, Shipyard, Harpoon, Blue Moon and many more. There will also be a full complement of hard ciders and even several brews from SweetWater Brewing Company.

Sprung! will also feature plenty of great food from a number of local food vendors to help soak up some of the brew and live music to keep things lively. But, one of the more interesting features will be the dedicated game area where those who are looking for a challenge can play beer pong, giant Jenga, corn hole, mega twister, and human bowling that utilizes huge plastic balls to hurl players and massive pins.

Tickets for the event will be available online via the event’s website ( and will range in prices from $39 for general admission, $69 for Beer Socialite, and $89 for VIP access that will allow purchasers into a special, VIP only tent with food and beers not available to other attendees.

Keep up to date on new developments on  the events Facebook page at

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Can the Drunken Traveller Find Hoppiness in Key Biscayne? Oh, yes!

Drunken Traveler, here again,

Packed up the company van with all my equipment and headed south on I-95 5 ½ hours to leave the cold weather behind.  Arriving on Key Biscayne for my next jaunt.   I am sleeping at the Hyatt Regency Miami Beach and working on Key Biscayne. Two weeks on Key Biscayne providing electronic scoring for a tennis tournament in December, not a bad gig.

Jeff my bartender at the Pure Verde bar, looked at me and immediately remembered my brew of choice as Key West – Sunset Ale.  A very clean and crisp refreshing beer.  A pale color with a slight citrus finish.   This beer is so clean it has qualities of a pilsner or white American lager.   I do believe that it was served colder than it should have, I am guess at 36 degrees when it should be closer to 42.  The warmer serving temperature would bring out the small amount of caramel malts, none the less it is an excellent beer at any temperature.  I can definitely see myself drinking this on a hot summer day.
Florida Beer, located in Melbourne Florida can be found at
If you make it to Miami, a trip to the Hyatt Regency and Pure Verde is highly recommended.  Ask for Jeff and a pint of Key West – Sunset Ale, then you must pair it with their Blacked Swordfish dish which is accompanied by a sweet lobster and corn ragoût with mashed sweet potatoes.

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