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Team Left Hand hosting fundraiser for MS Society

Movie-night-FLORIDASince 2008, a group of Left Hand Brewing Company employees and friends have banded together to help put an end to Multiple Sclerosis by supporting and raising funds for several MS bicycle rides around the country. One of these supporters is Brown Distributing Company’s Carolyn Graham. A long-time Jacksonville resident, Graham has been a powerhouse in the world of craft beer for many years. Over the past few years she has used her reach within the beer industry to sponsor and help spread the word about events that raise funds to help with the vital work of defeating MS.

The next event on August 6 supports the Left Hand Brewing Company Bike MS PGA TOUR Cycle to the Shore Ride and the Team Left Hand fundraiser night at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, North Florida Chapter. Join the Team Left Hand bicylists and other for an evening of FUNdraising and fellowship as the group presents a viewing of the outrageously funny movie “Office Space.”

Along with the movie, guest will be given to opportunity to enjoy several Left Hand Brewing Company beers, and purchase food from Chew Chew Food Truck and 5Loaves 2Fish Mobile Kitchen. In addition, there will be a number of items up for bid in a silent auction including brews from Funky Buddha, Cigar City, 7venth Sun, a brewery tour for six plus a pint and more from Intuition and a wide array of Single Malt Scotches, vodkas, gins, bourbons and more.

In the over seven years Team Left Hand has been fundraising for MS, they have collected over $1 million. The group vows they will not stop supporting and riding in MS events until a cure is found and MS stands for Mystery Solved.

The event takes place at National Multiple Sclerosis Society, North Florida Chapter at 8940 Western Way Suite 16 on Thursday, August 6 beginning at 6:00 p.m. A donation of $10 is requested for guest 21 and over, $5 for guests six to 20 and kids under five are free.

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Matthew’s Restaurant to feature Left Hand Brewing Company beer dinner


micrositeimage_454016photo1Matthew Medure is something of a local legend in Jacksonville. As half of the famed Medure brothers restaurateur and chef dynasty, he and his brother David own Matthew’s and Medure’s fine dining restaurants as well as the popular M Shack burger joints. On Wednesday, July 22, Matthew will apply his talents to a beer dinner featuring the brews of Left Hand Brewing Company.

The dinner will feature five courses and beers as well as a reception amuse bouche and beer. The menu and pairings run the gamut from light seafood to decadently rich. Below is the full menu as supplied by Carolyn Graham of Brown Distributing, Lefft Hand’s local distributor.

Reception offering:

Sausage and Puff Pastry with Local Honey Mustard, paired with Polestar Pils.

First Course:

Scallop Carpaccio with Summer Melon and Cilantro, paired with Good Juju.

Second Course:

Chinese Sausage and Crispy Jasmine Rice with Curry Aioli Lettuce Wraps paired with Introvert Session IPA.

Third Course:

Braised Pork Belly with Steamed Bao and Pickled Vegetables pained with 400 lb. Monkey IPA.

Fourth Course:

Smoked Beef Brisket with Foie Gras Mole and Mexican Corn paired with Milk Stout and Nitro Milk Stout.

Fifth Course:

Malted Vanilla with Chocolate Mousse, Banana and Smoked, Salted Caramel paired with Black Jack Porter.

Tickets for the dinner are $75 per person. Contact Matthew’s at (904) 396-9922 or via their website — — for more details.

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Nitro brews a growing craft beer trend

guinness_cascadeThe smooth, creamy texture of beers like Guinness, Bodington’s and Old Speckled Hen is due to the addition of nitrogen rather than carbon dioxide. Since nitrogen forms much smaller bubbles than CO2, the result is a silky smooth mouthfeel that has won over legions of beer drinkers the world over. The popularity of these beers and the unique sensation and flavors created by nitrogen has contributed to the growing trend among craft brewers to add nitrogen to their beers. Over the past few years more and more brewers have added nitro taps to their tap rooms and begun experimenting with the gas.

Nitrogen is largely insoluble in liquid, which is what contributes to the thick mouth feel. This effect is helped by a special piece of tap equipment known as a restrictor plate that forces the beer through tiny holes before it lands in the glass. That process causes the “rising” effect that is topped with the head. And it’s really only the bubbles on the sides of the glass that fall. Inside they are actually rising, as typically seen with a poured carbonated beverage.

Left Hand Brewing Company of Longmont, Colo. was the first American craft brewer to introduce a bottled nitrogen beer without a widget to dd the gas to the beer. On the first night of the 2011 Great American Beer Festival, Left Hand revealed Milk Stout Nitro in a bottle.

Just a few years later, Tampa brewing powerhouse Cigar City Brewing Company decided to begin a program dedicated to distributing a number of their brews for nitro taps. In 2013 the brewery issued a memo to its distributors that said:

We here at CCB have decided to place a focus on our draft nitro beers. We think the nitro adds a unique aspect to many brands. Our tasting room has two nitro taps and we want to get more nitro beers out into the market.

Since then, the trend has spread to many more breweries who have begun experimenting with putting all manner of beers on tap. Traditionally, beers that are predominantly malt forward have been served on nitro. These beers consist primarily of stouts and porters, but may also include malty ales like Boddington’s. But, as the trend spreads, some brewers are trying the gas with pumpkin ales, red ales and even IPAs to spectacular results.

The trend has become so popular that it has spawned nitro only beer festivals and even a new product that allows homebrewers to turn any beer into a nitro beer. Called NitroBrew, the new device allows beer-lovers to even turn store-bought brews into a smooth, creamy nitrogen masterpiece.

To learn more about the NitroBrew, read the press release below.

New York, NY — NitroBrew, an innovative new technology that nitrogenates any beer at the point of service, is now available to craft beer fans and home brewers at  An ideal Father’s Day gift, NitroBrew is the first commercially available product designed to bring nitrogenating technology into the home, enabling beer lovers to nitrogenate store-bought brews and hobbyist beer brewers to create their own nitro-style brews from scratch.  In under a minute, NitroBrew turns any home-brewed or bottled beer into a sensational, silky nitro-style beer masterpiece.

Nitro-style beers are rapidly gaining popularity among beer connoisseurs and foodies for their smooth mouthfeel and well-rounded flavor.  The nitrogenated beverage trend has also crossed over into cold brew coffee, which NitroBrew can also be used to nitrogenate.

“The precise balance of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in a nitrogenated beer changes dramatically during transportation and storage.  Whether it’s bottled or kegged, it’s impossible for a brewer to control the quality of a nitrogenated beer after it leaves the brewery,” said NitroBrew inventor and 25-year beer industry veteran Murthy Tata. “My colleagues and I developed NitroBrew to deliver a dependable mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide with every pour at the point of service, whether it’s a bar, a restaurant or at home.”

Each NitroBrew kit includes a kettle, a discreet charging station and a small air compressor.  NitroBrew is easy to use, easy to clean, compact and takes up little storage space.

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Left hand Brewing Company sponsors bike team to help fight MS

Team-Left-Hand-LogoIt has long been a tenet of the craft beer industry that its members are a particularly philanthropic bunch. Maybe it is because the community is so tight-knit and more established breweries pitch in to help new breweries get up and started. Maybe it is because of the grassroots nature of the business. Or, maybe it is just that craft beer people have big hearts. No matter what the cause, it is a well-represented phenomenon and Longmont, Colo. stalwart Left Hand Brewing Company is carrying on the tradition.

Team Left Hand (TLH) is a cycling team that is participating in the Bike MS rides to help end Multiple Sclerosis. The team participates in three national rides, raising both money and awareness for the debilitating disease.  This year will mark the seventh year the team has participated in the Bike MS ride in Colorado, its second in North Carolina and its debut in the Florida ride.

Team Left Hand consists of over 180 riders from across the U.S., who volunteer their time and effort to help the National MS Society fund research, advocate for change, and help people living with MS. The team’s inspiration lies in the friends & family afflicted by Multiple Sclerosis, motivating each member to work towards their personal goal of raising at least $1000 a year. To date the team has raised over $940,000 for the cause.

Carolyn Graham, District Manager and North Florida Brand Manager for Brown Distributing, the distributor that supplies Left Hand Brewing Company beers to Florida, will be participating in the Florida ride this year. In this, her third year of participating in the ride with TLH, Graham said, “I have family friends living with MS and I feel extremely blessed and honored to be able help people with MS and to raise awareness and funds for research. It’s an honor to be a part of this ride that provides support for the person living with MS and their families.”

She summed up her reasons for riding as, “I ride so that one day MS will one day stand for Mystery Solved.”

Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling disease with symptoms ranging from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis, affecting 2.3 million people worldwide. Team Left Hand currently rides for 80 people, whose names are honored on the team’s jersey. As the list of names grows longer, TLH’s resolve to solve the MS mystery grows stronger.

The Florida Bike MS ride — Bike MS: PGA Tour Cycle to the Shore – takes place September 20 and 21. There are three routes that riders can choose from depending on their riding skill level. Details can be found on the National MS Society website or by clicking this link. More information about Team Left hand can be found at the Left Hand Brewing Company website or at this link.

The Jax Beer Guy has partnered with the UBER car service in Jacksonville. Because of this partnership, you can receive a $20 credit for your first ride by simply using the promo code “JaxBeerGuy” when you register for UBER on your smartphone. 

Click HERE to sign up now!

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Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout debuts in Jacksonville

left_hand_logoBy now Americans are used to English beers served from cans or bottles on nitro, Guinness and Bodington’s have been doing it for years. We are equally accustomed to these brews served on draught with the characteristic falling bubbles and creamy head. But, there are few American beers that are served on nitro from the tap much less from a bottle. Until now that is.

Left Hand Brewing out of Longmont, Colo. has been producing an extremely popular and tasty Milk Stout that has been served in Jacksonville for quite some time. But, until now, the only way you could get this brew is on tap. Last year that all changed when the geniuses at Left Hand figured out a way to bottle their delicious brew with nitro. Alone this may not seem like a big deal. But these guys figured out how to retain the creamy character of a nitro stout without using a device known as a “widget” in the bottle to release the nitrogen.

The exact method employed to obtain these results is secret, but there is no doubt that whatever the process, it is nothing short of spectacular. In order to attain the best results, the brewery recommends you pour the beer hard into an upright glass and not tilting the gas. The idea is to agitate the mixture of carbon-dioxide and nitrogen in the beer. To view a video of instructions, consumers can scan a QR code printed right on the bottle.

Nitro Milk Stout is also a critical success as well as a technological feat. One reviewer on beer rating site describes the brew as, “what I love and look for in a stout, smooth, soft, taste-full [sic].” Left Hand’s website says “The aroma is of brown sugar and vanilla cream, with hints of roasted coffee. The pillowy head coats your upper lip and its creaminess entices your palate. Initial roasty, mocha flavors rise up, with slight hop & roast bitterness in the finish. The rest is pure bliss of milk chocolate fullness.”

Left Hand Brewing started in 1994 with the introduction of their Sawtooth Ale, which won a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival that same year. As the brewery grew, added personnel, and equipment, the word got out about the brewery and its beers. In 1998 the brewery merged with Tabernash Brewing from Denver which allowed them to begin bottling their brews. This year the brewery made the Brewers Association’s Top 50 Craft Brewers list. With six 480 barrel fermenters, an additional 500 barrel bright tank, and a new KHS keg line the brewery is poised to take the craft beer world by storm.

The brew should be available at Total Wine, Broudy’s, Grape & Grain Exchange, and other retailers in the next few days.

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