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15 gifts beer lovers will flip over

IMG_9406_webIt’s a story old as time, it is the day before Christmas Eve and you still have not finished your shopping. You know the malls are packed and you do not even want to think about the carnage that is Walmart this late in the game. What is a person with several beer fanatics to do? Buy some witty greeting cards and tell your recipients that you ordered their awesome beer gifts online. How do you get around the, “You should have ordered/shopped earlier” thoughts? Blame it on slow delivery – it has been all over the news for the past few weeks after all.

Here are 10 awesome gifts you can order that any beer-lover will absolutely love and a few more gifts that you can fill today by just making a few stops.

  1. Have a friend that has a kegerator? This idea is bound to be a hit. The Chalk It Up wood tap handle provides a cool and fun way to display the beer currently on tap. Made with a rich walnut wood finish, this beer tap handle is made so users can simply write the kind of beer on tap on the chalkboard.

Cost: $39.99      Source:

  1. Anyone who has seen the movie Beerfest knows the legend that is Das Boot. This German inspired boot glass is guaranteed to inspire shouts of “Das Boot!” along with “Chug!” The boot holds one liter of cold, delicious beer for you to enjoy. Just remember how to handle the bubble or you will be wearing a lot of that brew.

Cost: $16.95      Source:

  1. Been eyeing that 18% Imperial Stout you bought in the 22-ounce bomber, but not sure you want to drink the whole thing in one sitting? Beer Savers are the thing for you or any beer-lover on your gift list. These silicone rubber stoppers will keep that half-empty bottle of beer from going flat so you can return to the deliciousness later.

Cost: $7.95        Source:

  1. For the beer lover with a sweet tooth, you cannot go wrong with a stocking stuffed full of Jelly Belly Draft jelly beans. The world’s favorite jelly bean maker introduced this off-the-wall flavor just last year, but the flavor had been in development much longer (read my article on it here). Described by the manufacturer as an, “effervescent and crisp flavor packed in a golden jelly bean with an iridescent finish.”

Cost: $2.49        Source:

  1. Fresh beer from your favorite local brewery is one of life’s simplest of pleasures. But, getting a growler of that fresh beer home can be a nightmare. The large jugs tend to roll off of seats and roll around on the floor, worse when they fall they can become over-carbonated and blow their top spewing precious liquid gold all over your car. The folks at Growler On Board have a simple, yet elegant solution: The Growler on Board Beer Transport Unit is the most unique growler carrier on the market. Made of molded foam it is still light enough to hand carry even with 3 filled growlers.

Cost: $29.99      Source:

  1. Ever grab a bottle of beer out of a cooler at a party and realize that someone has walked off with the opener? Instead of launching a massive search and rescue mission, just reach for your wallet. With one of these thin, credit card size openers tucked away next to your over-used Amex, you will always have an opener handy. NOTE: These will set the metal detector off at the airport, so unless you enjoy a full-cavity search performed by an underpaid federal employee, be warned.

Cost: $5.95        Source:

  1. Jeff Alworth is something of a legend in beer circles. This year he published “The Beer Bible,” that is one of the best books ever written on the subject of beer. Alworth traveled the world documenting different styles of beer and their history, ingredients, flavors and more. It’s a fascinating read for your buddy who only drinks styles of beers that were invented within the last decade, as well as for your friend who thinks Blue Moon is a craft beer.

Cost: $19.95      Source:

  1. For the beer lover that has always had a desire to make his own beer, look no further than Mr. Beer. These easy-to-brew kits make brewing easy with no hassle and very little mess. Each kit comes with a beer fermentation keg that holds up to two gallons of glorious, I-made-it-myself brew and all the instructions you will ever need. There are several levels of kits you can purchase, so pick the one that fits your gifting needs.

Cost: $49.99      Source:

  1. Happy hour always seems to be such a long time away. And regardless of what Jimmy Buffet says, if it is not five-o’clock where you are it really does not matter. But, with a Happy Hour timepiece you can at least count down the hours until happy hour in style since five-o’clock is the only time marked.

Cost: $79.99      Source:

  1. Greet each new day with your perfect companion; a new, interesting beer! A Year of Good Beer Page-A-Day Calendar 2016 brings you a new brew every day for 365 days. It also includes pairings, trivia, quotes and more.

Cost: $13.99      Source:

Beer Gifts That Keep the Love Local

  1. Want to visit several of Jacksonville’s outstanding breweries but do not want to drive. Leave the driving to the Brew Bus. Riders can choose from several options including the Sampler Tour or the Full Pour Tour. Both make stops at several local breweries and provide interesting information on each. And, best of all, a brew is served at each stop!

Cost: From $45  Source:

  1. Heading into its eighth year, the Jacksonville Craft and Import Beer Festival is the largest beer festival in North Florida. As in the past, the festival will be at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena Friday, May 20, 2016. This year there will be over 40 participating breweries bringing more than 350 different beers to taste. Along with great beer, you can expect food samplings and much more. For an enhanced experience opt for the VIP ticket that provides earlier access and VIP perks.

Cost: From $45  Source:

  1. If your beer-lover is also a homebrewer, a membership to Cowford Ale Sharing Klub (C.A.S.K.) makes a great gift. Membership includes discounts at local brew store Just Brew It and access to meetings, the club’s website, information on homebrew competitions and a yearly banquet.

Cost: $20          Sources:

  1. Jacksonville has a wealth of craft beer stores and pubs. From Beer:30 Bottle Ship in both San Marco and Riverside to Alewife in Five Points, you do not have to go far to find a good beer to take home. Add our growing selection of craft beer pubs and restaurants like The Silver Cow, Kickbacks, European Street and Hoptinger and there is a lot for beer lovers to explore. A gift certificate to any one of these establishments makes for a wonderful stocking stuffer, multiple gift cards could make for a really great evening.

Cost: Varies       Source: Multiple

  1. Currently there are eight craft beer breweries in and around Jacksonville, with several more planned for the coming year. Treat your beer lover to a couple of growlers of their favorite brewery’s more exotic beers, ask the bartender at the taproom what they recommend.

Cost: Varies       Source Multiple.

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