Dahlia’s to host “Running of the Taps” Friday

21 Jul

There is a cliched, but common saying among adventurers; why did you climb (or raft, or motorcycle, or whatever) Mt. Everest (or the Colorado River, or the Dragon’s Tail, or whatever)? The simple answer is nearly always; because it was there. Intrepid beer-drinkers now have a challenge designed to test their mettle happening at the newly opened Dahlia’s Pour House in Riverside. It is being called the “Running of the Taps” and is a beer-drinking session that involves drinking every one of the 85 beers Dahlia’s has on tap.

The event is the brain-child of craft beer lover Tony Sottile. “I just wanted to have a session event with a few close friends,” he said. “But figured there are probably a few more degenerates like myself that would enjoy this as well. And what better way to meet other said degenerates [than to] go have a beer or twenty.”

Those who take up the challenge will not find themselves facing 85 full pints or beer, though. The challenge will be to drink 85, four ounce servings of beer presented in flights of four beers. Still, the grand total of beer to be consumed by each participant who completes the challenge comes out to 340 ounces, or roughly 21 pints.

The event is to take place over a span of about eight to nine hours, so it equates to about two or so pints an hour. To keep the participants nourished – and perhaps a little more sober – Dahlia’s is springing for food during a couple of sustenance breaks.

Sottile says of the event, “We want to cap it at no more than 15-20 people. We’re really only looking to get guys [and] girls together that truly enjoy beer, talk beer and [want to] meet others that enjoy the same.  We aren’t really interested in people showing up just to get hammered.”

The event will take place on Friday, July 27 at Dahlia’s Pour House (2695 Post Street) in the King Street Beer District beginning at 12:30 p.m. Cost is $100 per person.

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One response to “Dahlia’s to host “Running of the Taps” Friday

  1. Lola Lariscy

    October 23, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    Hi! I’m Lola and I write for The Southern Beer Review ( I thought you might interested in it. We also do a live video cast Fridays at 7 that is archived on Youtube and Google Plus ( I’m on the Southside of Jacksonville, but my favorite drinking area is Riverside. I’m in the middle of writing a review of the Dahlia’s Pour House, though I had to stop because I can’t remember which Cigar City I had…I asked them on Facebook which ones they have. Yeah, that’s pretty embarrassing for a beer reviewer. Luckily for everyone, I’m going to keep my review mostly to the pub itself!



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